The Syrian foreign Ministry on Monday, June 19, has sent an appeal to UN Secretary-General and the security Council of the UN with the requirement to respond to downed strength of the US-led coalition of the Syrian su-22 , calling Washington’s actions “cowardly”.

In directed to the organization of the letters, the Syrian government accused the U.S.-led coalition to coordinate their actions with ISIS militants (banned in Russia as a terrorist organization – ed.), justifying the decision to shoot down the su-22 air force SAR, according to “Russian conversation”.

Damascus alleges that Syrian authorities are the only legitimate force, leading the fight against terrorism in the country, calling the recent actions of the US in the conflict zone “cowardly”. The Syrian foreign Ministry demands from the UN security Council to assess the actions of the coalition and to condemn her for the eve of the downed su-22.

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, the Pentagon announced the continuation of the combat air sorties of the coalition, despite the statement of the defense Ministry about the focus of the Russian air defense systems on American aircraft.