The former head of the Odessa customs Yulia Marushevska says that soon after the arrest of the head of the State fiscal service of Ukraine (SFS) Roman Nasirov in the building of the Odessa customs there was a fire, the elimination of which rescuers filled the computers and digital equipment with water.

“After the arrest Nasirova at the Odessa customs there was a fire in the building where all the computers. Firefighters poured all equipment with water. As I understand it, thus, destroyed some evidence and databases. They realized that the NEB has decided to take up Nasirov seriously. And one of his crafts – work with sites. That is, markets where the goods at a lower price and without the payment of internal taxes,” she said in an interview with the weekly “mirror of the week. Ukraine”.

Later Yulia Marushevska said the publication that the fire affected the office of Gennadiy Ivanenko, appointed acting chief of customs after her dismissal. According to Yu Marushevskaya, G . Ivanenko was a man R. Nasirov, who refused to fire him despite the relevant submission.

Responding to a question regarding search at her home, the former head of the Odessa customs noticed that this is no coincidence: “the Fact that overnight, are carried out and the trial Nasirov, and search my house looks very symbolic. So no coincidence there.”

Yulia Marushevska said that currently is in Washington, meeting with congressmen and senators “Ukrainian case”, the representatives of nongovernmental organizations. To the question whether he was not afraid, she arrived in Kyiv to be in Pechersk district court, former head of the Odessa customs, said: “I think that is exactly what will happen. The state machine just will not stop… mentally I’m ready to trial”.

As reported, on March 3, Yulia Marushevska said about trying the search in her apartment by the SBU and the Prosecutor General.

At the same time, the Prosecutor’s office has denied information about attempts to carry out a search in the apartment of the former head of the Odessa customs.