After the devastating tragedy in Serbia, the researchers noticed a strange cloud. As you know, the explosion at the ammunition depot has killed 1 person, 25 were injured, several missing. On it informs edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

The explosions were so
strong that it was felt even by residents of nearby areas who have heard them
felt vibration which shook the Windows in the houses. After the explosion on the object
was soaring the unusual cloud. It had the shape of nearly perfect circle and
stretched for hundreds of meters.

Similar anomalies were
visible simultaneously in other parts of the globe. Consequently, representatives of the
the scientific world have put forward the version about the alien origin of clouds.

Previously on the new Zealand island looming clouds in the form of waves .

Meteorologists from
the new Zealand MetService gave a scientific explanation of the formation of such clouds
shape effect of Kelvin – Helmholtz. It turns out that the diffusion of different
atmospheric layers determines the appearance of spectacular clouds. Air masses
moving with different speeds are mixed, breaking a steady stream.