Again the Mexican Popocatepetl volcano has become the focus of all the ufologists of the world. According to the video side vents of a volcano flew a spiral UFO. A little below the steaming crater at 19:15 there was a bright white object, which is just a few seconds has reached very high speed and stretched out in a long spiral, flew out of range of the cameras. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Such openings in
the volcano is designed to release excessive pressure. According to researchers,
this thread is a lift rising to the surface of alien

Scientists who
studying the traces of extraterrestrial civilizations, said, in this location is
alien base aliens.

Previously, Google declared war on the aliens.

According to ufologist Scott
Waring, recently he began to watch as the employees of Google started
wash objects that are related to UFOs . He analyzed a large number of images
and found that previously is present in the images of the alien ships was removed.