Large aggressive fish in a few weeks, attacked the tourists on the Costa Blanca in Spain, reports The Sun.

“At least three people, including two children, suffered because of the attacks of fish bluefish on the Costa Blanca. The injured 40-year-old Spaniard spent the rest of the vacation on crutches due to rupture of the tendon. Children 7 and 10 years was taken to the hospital with multiple bites”, – writes the edition.

Because of the attacks of fish in July was closed three beaches in the province of Alicante. “According to the latest information bluefish were caught on the beach of El Rebollo. Despite this, tourists are advised to swim with caution. Raised yellow flags,” – said The Sun.

A month earlier, were also closed three beaches in Benidorm after seven people suffered from the sting of the Portuguese ships.

The Costa Blanca region on the Mediterranean coast of Spain, comprising the coastal towns of the province of Alicante in the Autonomous community of Valencia.

Bluefish is a large fish of the order Perciformes, distributed in particular in the Black and Azov seas.