About the upcoming celebration of their anniversary, told Leonid Agutin – July 16, the artist will celebrate fifty years. As it turned out, thinks a great holiday. At the celebration Leonid wants to collect about two hundred people. Including his friends musicians.

– With my family in the country, I celebrate birthday every year, and now I’m 50 years old and I want to make something big, something that – told Leonid.

Today Simon is very different from their comrades in the shop, but not only creativity, but also the fact that… not too lit the football world Cup, which takes place in Moscow.

photo: social networks

– I am not particularly hurt, except, of course, – says Leonid. – although the football is like and is always happy to see the beautiful game. Once upon a time I loved France, I was rooting for her, then she became the world champion. And then after a while we played with the French. Beat them, by the way . When was the match Russia – France, I thought why I was worried about the French? What was the point? After all, they still came together on the field with me, and I was embarrassed that I suffered for them. So I have this nonsense stopped doing not rooting for any team except the national team of Russia

In General, Leonid believes that we have a perfectly held the championship, and games and organization, and atmosphere — all at altitude.

On the question of whether he was looking at least one match in the stadium, Agutin replied in the negative.

– I absolutely wonderful for an artist to have an illness called agoraphobia – a fear of crowds. To be on stage I’m used to, but specifically to go to crowded places, when it doesn’t concern his work, not love. The famous St. Nicholas at the time of the championship had not visited and do not intend to watch the Matches at home on TV. And I don’t really like to fly. Here are my wonderful ailments with my profession – laughing Agutin.

The actor complained that the public knows probably only 5% of his work. “Thank God that these 5% were implemented”, – says Leonid. Also, the contractor said that this year he will release a new double album, which will include about 30 tracks. Among them are cover versions of songs by Russian and foreign artists, and new original songs and five soundtracks.