Airline “Motor Sich” (Zaporozhye) during flights from the international airport “Borispol” (Kiev) from 2 to 12 September 2019 will reduce the flight frequency between Kyiv and Odessa.

According to a post on the company’s website, from 2 to 12 September will not be carried out the following flights: M9 251 Odessa-Kiev, M9 254 Kiev-Odessa. In addition, on September 7 will be cancelled flights M9 245 – Odessa-Kiev, M9 246 and M9 256 Kiev-Odessa, and on September 8 – the M9 and M9 247 257 Odessa-Kiev, M9 248 Kiev-Odessa.

M9 251 passengers will be transferred to flight 253 M9 Odessa-Kiev, and the passengers 254 M9 on M9 252 flights Kiev-Odessa.

However, as the report States, from 2 to 12 September there will be flights: M9 253 Odessa-Kyiv (departure from Odessa at 07:40, arriving in “Borispol” at 09:00, five times a week – Monday-Friday); M9 252 Kiev-Odessa (departure at 19:50, arriving at 21:10, five times a week – Monday-Friday); M9 255 Odessa-Kyiv (departure 08:50, arrival – 10:10, Saturday); 258 M9 Kiev-Odessa (departure at 20:40, arrival – 22.00, Sunday).

As reported, the international airport “Kiev” to them. I. Sikorsky will stop receiving and sending of flights from 2 to 12 September in connection with the repair of the runway.

Airline “Motor Sich” is a structural subdivision of PJSC “Motor Sich” (Zaporozhye) is a company in development, production, repair and maintenance of aircraft gas turbine engines for aircraft and helicopters, as well as industrial gas turbine installations.

Currently, the airline operates a fleet of nine aircraft, carrying out regular passenger domestic and international flights, passenger and cargo Charter flights and special flights, ensuring the activity of the main company.

The base airport of the airline is the international airport “Zaporozhye”.