The President of FC “Shakhtar” (Donetsk) Rinat Akhmetov noted that the Ukrainian championship is in crisis and needs a new enthusiasts who will invest in football.

“Our League hurts. As you remember, in the 90 years he was sick too. But at the same time was our competition with the Kiev “Dynamo”, for which I am grateful to the Surkis brothers. Sometimes we swear, swearing heavily, loudly, but it was fun. And in the end we still brought our football to a new level. Then there was a very strong Metalist headed by Alexander Yaroslavsky, “Dnepr” led by Igor Kolomoisky, who provided great resistance and reached the final of the Europa League”, – he told in interview to the program “Great football”.

Akhmetov is convinced that the return of Ukrainian football at the level that was a few years ago, is impossible without enthusiasts. “We need people who will lead football to new heights . When there will be new owners who will love football more than money, want to invest, present your city, to present in Europe, their country, to invest in the Academy, the transfer policy, then the fans will come,” he said.

The President of Shakhtar indicated that I. Kolomoysky and Mr. Yaroslavsky – ambitious people, and if they “want to return to football”, and they will have the opportunity, they will make domestic football more competitive and stronger.

Speaking about the rivalry with Dynamo and brothers Grigory and Igor Surkis, A. Akhmetov noted that currently they are dominated by negative emotions, but, in his opinion, they are making plans on how to make a team for next season, which players to buy, whether to trust on Sergei Rebrov or invite a new coach. “They think, I think, but will suffer the decision of the heart, and the key to these decisions is to win the Ukrainian football in General and we’ve got strong competition. But I believe that “the Dynamo” in safe hands”, he said.