Publisher Penguin Random House acquired the rights to publish two books of former U.S. President Barack Obama and former first lady Michelle.

The terms of the contract, which
Penguin Random House has acquired the sole rights to publish two books, were not disclosed.
But in accordance with their former traditions, family Obama plans to donate
“a significant portion of their copyright income to charity.”
So reads the statement of the publisher.

The agreement was signed on
the auction, which has provided the rights to publish these books. The amount of trading reached
more than $ 60 million For the scale of the memoirs of the former President’s record money.

For comparison, former
U.S . President bill Clinton received $ 15 million for selling the rights to his memoirs 2004
years of My life, and the immediate predecessor of Obama
Republican George Bush earned on his book “Key decisions” about $ 10

Earlier, Barack Obama and his wife Michelle a very romantic Valentine’s dinner. Furthermore, it is known that the ex-President of the United States openly supported the wave of discontent regarding his successor Donald trump.

According to Al Arabiya – translated version of “Russian