On Wednesday, the UK, France and the United States overturned the vote of the UN Security Council on a resolution calling for investigation of alleged chemical attacks in Syria, to give time for negotiations with Russia.

However, as they say
diplomats, the vote on the draft text presented by Western trio, maybe
be held on Thursday. Russia rejected the draft resolution as “categorically
unacceptable”, and expressed readiness to veto it, if it is not
agreed on a compromise text.

As stated by the British press
Ambassador Matthew Rycroft, “talks with our colleagues on the Security Council
continue, and I would not expect that they will come to an agreement today .”

The draft resolution supports
the investigation of the Organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons (OPCW) and requires
to the Syrian government cooperated with her with the aim of providing
information about their military operations on the day of a chemical attack in Idlib.

Britain, France and the United States
accused in the attack the forces of President Bashar al-Assad, but the Syrian army denied
any involvement to her. By the way, the Syrian opposition have called and the name of the pilot who carried out the ill-fated air attack in Idlib.

According to Al Arabiya – translation version
“Russian Conversation”