Syrian opposition refused to welcome the release of Palmyra from the ISIL militants by the forces of the regime of Damascus, calling both sides terrorists and saying that they resemble the cartoon characters “Tom and Jerry”.

The Committee on negotiations (HNC), the main opposition group, initiated by the United Nations
peace talks in Geneva, recalled that the Palmyra in last year’s win
ISIL militants (banned in Russia – ed) twice.

“With regard to
congratulations (Syrian President) Bashar al-Assad, if we do this, then
the future will have also to congratulate (the Islamic state), if they take
Palmyra”, – told reporters the head of the delegation HNC Nasr al-Hariri.

“They are all terrorists. Bashar al-Assad
is a terrorist under international law”, – he added, when
he was asked whether he would welcome military achievements of Damascus . Noting
that this is the second such “retake,” he said, “Obviously,
this is done for political reasons.”

“You are the experts, professional
journalists should be aware of this: if we watch the game Assad and Palmyra,
it will look like the cartoon “Tom and Jerry” of the feud between cat and mouse” –
said al-Hariri, expressing his opinion about how the Syrian troops in
the support of the Russian aircraft has completed the re-capture of Palmyra after weeks
battle in the desert.

We will remind, the UN is not pleased with the Palmyra liberation from ISIS and is worried about the fate of the local civilians.

According to Al Arabiya – translated version of “Russian