Photo: Tourists of glacier near Valdez in Alaska

Tourists could be in cold water after they were thrown from the boat because of the breakaway piece of ice.

In the U.S. state of Alaska glacier Valdez found the bodies of three dead tourists from Germany. This was reported by the local edition of the Anchorage Daily News, citing local authorities on Wednesday, July 31.

It is noted that the guide-a kayaker found a body during a tour with the group on the lake at glacier Valdez, said the representative of the local authority Sheri pierce. Two of the dead were found in the water, and the third on the ice. The bodies belong to an elderly married couple and a 62-year-old man.

Investigators believe that before the death of the tourists were on an inflatable canoe. They were wearing lifejackets. Cause of death not yet established, but indications of a violent death no.

“If they were thrown from the boat because of the breakaway piece of ice, they were in very cold water,” said pierce, noting that it is very dangerous to get close to the glaciers.

Lake at glacier Valdez in the summer is a popular destination for kayakers and picnickers, as well as for cross-country skiing, Snowmobiling and Hiking in the winter.

Earlier in Alaska plane crashed into a mountain near the settlement of moose Pass. Then, three people were killed and another suffered serious injuries.

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