For the first time 23‑year-old Nikita Alexeev has loudly declared itself in 2015, releasing the song “Drunk sunshine”, the video for which the hero kills his alter ego after a breakup with his beloved. The song was played from each speaker, and performer began to move forward, he recorded the EP “Hold”, and later — the album “sun Drunk”. For a short time it became the winner in nominations “Opening (breakthrough) of the year” award in their homeland, in Ukraine and in Russia: YUNA, Muz‑TV, Ru.TV, M1 Music Awards. By a vote of the readers of “Sound track” ALEKSEEV claims now and to win in two nominations 2016 ZD Awards — “Breakthrough” and “artist of the year”. It seems that in life the singer so romantic as in his compositions: on the eve of the ceremony he openly shared with the “ZD” their dreams, creative recipes and phobias .

— Nikita, the usual for you the nomination “Breakthrough,” added already such a “heavy” category as “artist of the year”. For many artists this takes sometimes years…

— Of course I’m happy. For every artist it is important to see the result of their work, but for me most importantly — the opportunity to be heard. Every time people ask me if I’m happy to obtain a particular award, I think of Freddie mercury, who during his life has not received any of the award “Grammy”, although much weaker singers got a few figurines. But at the stadium “Wembley” tens of thousands of people are enthusiastically listening to him. When thousands of people sing your songs — it is the ultimate reward for the artist, something for which we live.

— How predictable was this breakthrough?

— When the song “Drunken sun” was heard on dance project and the next morning I woke up famous, it came as a total surprise. Such examples has happened in musical history. I am sure that all of the managerial scheme of promotion crumble in the moment when you receive something special. Somehow magically it finds its way and has the ability to sound.

— And that was before “the Drunken sun”? How difficult was the path to popularity?

— He lasted 12 years, it’s been a long period of searching, disappointments. Perhaps success came because of recording “Drunk in the sun” I was totally aloof from the outside world. To achieve something, you need persistence and dedication: The Beatles 20 hours played in pubs, Pink Floyd — on the streets before meeting with the producers who were able to bring their music to a new level. Before that, they lived the dream, and I am sure sincerely believed in what he did.

— Today is developing the Ukrainian scene? What’s new on her?

For musical space one. I don’t want to share it on a territorial basis. For me there are two categories of artists: I see people constantly seeking, curious, eager to say something new in music, and people who for some reason stopped in its search. The first is closer to me in spirit, but the second I am in any case not condemn because they understand that to continue being an innovator is hard.

And how noticeable is the gap, if to compare the Ukrainian and the Russian foreign scene?

— I can not judge because I am here and now, immersed in their own creative process and just see some things happening in show business in our countries. I think if the song is real, then there are no any barriers, no matter where it was written.

— Do change over the years, your personal ambitions, targets, the motion vector?

— Yes, of course, and this is a very interesting process. Now my life begins the next phase: having made the breakthrough, it is very important to come to a new level, for which you need in some sense, even to start all over again.

The video for the song “Drunk sunshine” shot by Alan Badoev Director, has long been known in musical circles. What are your impressions from working with him?

— First of all he is a philanthropist, a man who gives his all for the sake of the artist was good on the court, so he had the opportunity to open up. Very soon we will begin working on a new clip. I don’t know what it will be, are excited and even a little nervous.

— How was the recording of the album?

The work lasted about a year and a half. As a performer I was able to find your recipe: I try to put in every song is some memories, imagined images, situations. I don’t always succeed. Free from clutter, and in the end we sometimes were under some sort of totally unexpected creative wave that covered the whole team, inspires us. Perhaps this is the beauty of the process. It may not be all verified and mathematically calculated. The principle of “a cold mind” doesn’t work here.

— Closer to you collective creativity or music you a lone wolf?

— Of course, support is important, and we are looking with people with whom I work, in one direction, but ideas are usually not during any joint discussions, and quite unexpectedly. On the other hand, you can’t foresee and predict everything. Creativity is an adventure, a journey where you stumble and fall and then rise again, make a mistake, but it sometimes leads to new solutions.

— You have fears associated with creativity?

— My biggest fear — to stop. And, unfortunately, from it nobody is insured. You can’t be sure that tomorrow you’ll get a tune that will be a hit. But it is also a stimulus to develop, to fill your inner “box” that can then be open up, choose her something really interesting and new.

— Who of artists you would like to work together?

— Thinking about it, I allow myself to dream, to set a bar, which may not be able to get it. I can be very long to talk about the music I love, artists whose albums all the time waiting. This is what nurtures me as an artist, gives the opportunity to see a different angle on things. And for me the measure of all heights in music is Thom Yorke. Even if someday I will be able just to talk to him, it would be a dream come true.

— If we are to continue to dream, how do you see the future of world music?

— Prince Myshkin in Dostoevsky’s novel “Idiot” said that beauty is difficult to judge, beauty is a mystery. This is probably the most difficult question throughout the interview. Very hard to understand what will be important and necessary for the students tomorrow, which door to open next. I think the main thing is to look, not to invent any formula, just don’t be afraid to once again go back to start and forget everything, to go the distance again.