Rank and file law enforcers agree with this attitude to the ruler.

The Belarusian authorities have not disclosed the contents of the roadmaps of deeper integration with Russia, not refused the recess, but continue to judge the people that came to rally in defense of independence. Civil activists were tried in Minsk, Shklov and Vitebsk, reports “Belsat”.

On the eve of Vitebsk detained activists of “European Belarus” Alesya krotkine and Natalia Spiridonov for those stuck on the building of Vitebsk regional Prosecutor’s office sticker. Krotkine accused of “hooliganism”. Before the trial, he will stay in the detention center. Now, however, the activist was transferred to Polotsk to judge for participation in the Minsk shares in favor of independence.

“If you read the Protocol, it turns out that the slogan of “Collective dictatorship – Basta” with a picture of Lukashenko Kolya, and melons allegedly offends the feelings of society. But it does not offend the feelings of society, our society, on the contrary, in solidarity. Those same police when they saw the sticker, didn’t say anything, but smiled and laughed, “- said Ales Krutkin, an activist of” European Belarus”.