The ex-soloist of group “Tutsi” openly told about his feelings for his lover, Alexander to the Nose.

Recently, Alexander Nosik and his new girlfriend Nastya Kraynova become parties to the new edition of the show “Let them talk”. In the broadcast of celebrity told about her affair, according to “Russian conversation”.

Alexander and Anastasia said that you can’t live without each other. Celebrities are very pleased that they had a great relationship. At the moment, the actor and his fiancee spend a lot of time on the road, as at the trunk busy touring schedule, but they still find time for yourself.

After the filming of the show, the KRA published a photo in the microblog. In comments to the snapshot, the singer admitted that, grateful for the fact that her previous relationship ended, because at the moment she feels absolutely happy . “When the soul dies more, I feel that a broken past was so the right decision,” – said the artist.

Earlier, Anastasiya Kraynova was found with his wife, Alexander Nosik with which the actor is still not divorced.

In a recent interview the actor admitted why his marriage with his wife failed. According to the actor, they and his wife was too demanding to each other.