The contractor spoke about the difficult situation that happened in his family many years ago.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Alexander recently became the guest of the program “Alone with all”. In the show, the singer decided to confess about what happened in his family.

It turned out that Panayotov father abandoned the family when the future artist was very young. Because of this, Alexander from an early age had to work in order to help his mother and sister. Singer also said that his father drinks a lot and literally depend on alcohol. Now a celebrity is not disengaged from a close relative.

Despite the pain, Alexander has not lost faith in a happy family and hopes in the future to create such. He said that he wants to find a nice girl, marry her and have several children. But so far Panayotov not ready for this, as it believes that not enough lot of money for a large family . The contractor does not want his children to grow up in poverty, therefore, intends to increase their income and even then think seriously about posterity.