No day Alexei Panin can’t live without a new scandalous incident with his participation.

Scandalously famous actor Alexey Panin gives his
haters stay around, again and again, getting into an unpleasant situation.
The other day he stripped naked in a crowded beach in the Crimea, saying that nearby
was not his little daughter, according to “Russian conversation”.

The Network is already rather tired of discussing immoral behavior
the Russian artist. Its shocking video where he walks around town and
recalledthat, trifling with a dog and participates in orgies, given to users
plenty of reasons to doubt his mental health.

Recently he was again caught in a scandalous situation, stripped
naked on the beach in the Crimea. The artist decided that in swimming trunks it get too hot, so
got rid of them . Note that on the coast, in addition to Panina, were small children,
that were dumbfounded, seeing the manhood of Alexei, shines from all
of the parties. The actor himself assures subscribers that his nine year old daughter of nyusi this
the time wasn’t there. But fans questioned this, suggesting that such
candid shot could do the girl herself.

Note that netizens have long suspected the actor exhibitionism
(this is a form of sexual deviation in which the person reaches
the satisfaction of showing his genitals to a stranger representatives of society
in public places).

We remind you that earlier, “Russian conversation” reported that Stas Kostyushkin very paid dearly for what he called Panina shooting your clip.