Famous gymnast Alina Kabaeva said that helps her to maintain her figure in shape.

In a recent interview with Alina Kabaeva was told about the sports festival “Alina”, which was made by the children who are engaged in artistic gymnastics. Also, an athlete open up and revealed her beauty secrets, reports, “Russian conversation”.

In response to a question of journalists, how she manages over the years to maintain a slim figure, Kabaeva said that she had no special recipes. The Deputy believes that we need to move a lot and play sports.

Also, the gymnast admitted that does not adhere to diets, as they are considered harmful to health. In her opinion, there can be different products, but the main thing is to always keep a sense of proportion. “I am against diets, but for fasting days”, – said the athlete.

Recall that at the recent children’s sports festival Alina Kabaeva appeared in a spectacular dress that emphasized her slender figure. The social network was left in awe of the dress the celebrity.