The player would want the peoples of Russia and Ukraine live the same as it was before 2013.

Former Ukraine midfielder Olexandr Aliyev said, whose Crimea.

“When I came to Ukraine, Crimea was Ukrainian. Now it is Russia. But the Crimean was and remains for me the Ukrainians. I watch the news, where Crimeans complain. But you know, on TV all I can say… not Good to hear, always something bad.

The Crimea is Ukraine. Want the fraternal peoples of Russia and Ukraine have lived the same way as it was before 2013. So we were friends and got along well, it’s important to me.

To Return The Crimea To Ukraine? Presidents have to negotiate with each other. What we see on TV that there Poroshenko accused… Nobody knows anything. If people knew the truth, everything would be solved. And no one would have taken Crimea, everything would be fine” – quoted Aliyev Sport24.

Earlier, Aliyev said that he continues to believe coronavirus a fake.

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