Alla Kostromicheva


Photo from open sources

Alla kostromicheva shared a rare photograph of her grown up son, Salvatore.

Leading the project “Supermodel in Ukrainian” Alla Kostromicheva first became a mother in November 2015. Her lover Jason Capone model gave birth to a son, to whom they gave the unusual name Salvatore.

To hide from the public their child Alla did not, and immediately shared the first picture of the son in the blog. On the page of models in social networks now regularly appear photos from Salvatore. New the with her son Alla shared in the first day of summer, the Day of protection of children.

The photo shows that the boy has grown up so much and willingly posing for the camera while the famous mom gently kisses him on the cheek.

“I want every child on the planet was happy and love! With children’s Day!” she wrote under the gentle frame .