In the broadcast of “Tonight” Alla Pugacheva told about the serious illness of his friend Vladimir Kuzmin.

People’s artist of Russia Vladimir Kuzmin was a recent participant of the program “Tonight”, which was dedicated to the 40th anniversary of his creative activity. Also in the Studio were his friend Alla Pugacheva, according to “Russian conversation”.

Diva praised his talented friend and not once called him an outstanding musician. Also, the singer spoke about his illness. She admitted that she was very sad to read the news that Kuzmin was allegedly drunk at the concert.

Odd and a little scattered behavior of Vladimir Pugachev called the symptoms of multiple sclerosis – a serious and dangerous disease. “It’s a shame when they say that Volodya got drunk again at the concert. I know it had another seizure happened,” said the celebrity .

Note, some friends Kuzmin skeptical reacted to the statement of Alla. Singer Katya Semenova assumed the Diva was referring to another disease, as if the Kuzmina really had multiple sclerosis, he would not be able to perform on stage.

Let us remind, Alla Pugacheva has told about the wedding of his grandson Nikita Presnyakov.