TULA, on may 22. /Offset. TASS Alevtina Zubrilina/. The police drew 29 the person to administrative responsibility for offenses during football match Arsenal vs Spartak held on may 21 in Tula. About it reports a press-service of the government of Tula region.

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Fans of “Spartacus” broke into the field after an away match against Arsenal

“Law enforcement agencies have taken all measures to prevent provocations, conflicts and fights between fans. For administrative offenses brought to justice 29. Some of them, by the decision of the court had been appointed punishment in the form of a large administrative fines, arrest for 5 days and deprivation of the right to attend sporting events for a period up to 5.5 years,” the press service quoted the words of acting Deputy chief of police for the protection of public order UMVD of Russia on the Tula area Maxim Kuznetsov .

As reported on game day, thousands of fans of the Moscow “Spartak” broke into the field after the away match of the 30th round of the championship of Russia on football with the Tula Arsenal. Fans dismantled the goalposts and carried off the net for Souvenirs. The day of the match in Tula has arrived about 10 thousand fans “Spartaka”.