Improvement in the economic situation in Ukraine in the last 12 months saw 18% of Ukrainians, while almost half of the population does not see changes, according to a survey by the sociological group “Rating”.

According to research, 18% of respondents believe that over the past 12 months the economic situation in the country had improved, 47% say they have not changed 29% claim that the situation has worsened. Such estimates and on the financial situation of families: 17% the situation has improved, 53 percent saw no changes, and 30% reported a deterioration.

At the same time, 45% of respondents believe that in the next 12 months the economic situation in Ukraine will improve, 26% – believe that will not change, 15% have negative expectations. Another 15% were undecided.

In the annual dynamics in all spheres noticeable positive dynamics evaluation. Most of the positive changes respondents have seen in the condition of the roads – almost 40% reported improvement. Positive changes in the currency noted 31% of respondents. In the situation with freedom of speech and democracy saw improvements of 23%.

The survey was conducted October 19-22. Audience: population of Ukraine aged 18 years and older. The sample is representative by age, sex, region and type of settlement. The sample of 2500 respondents. Method: the personal formalized interview (face-to-face). The error of representativeness: not more than 2.0%.