The scandal of the final results of the project “Voice. Children”
passed only the first stage of perception, the outrage and the reaction, but has already had
consequences. For a chain of statements that have become part of the show: judges Loboda, leading Nagiyev,
beautiful Pelagia
followed by another statement – Alsu will not announce scores
representative of Russia at “Eurovision – 2019” Sergey Lazarev. The
the time it will take place the concert of the CIS.
Is it connected with the victory of her daughter Mikelle and the information tornado
unwound on the same day, April 26, is still unknown.

But already appeared the first comments on the appointment of
pianist Ivan Bessonov in as the “voice” announcing the rating
Russia. So, its weighty word said by a commentator of Eurovision in
the channel “Russia 1” Dmitry Guberniev, saying that happy appearance
a talented pianist to the European public in his new capacity and believes it
excellent choice, reports “Russian conversation” with a link to

“About Alsu, to be honest, not heard,” admitted

Experienced commentator expressed deep respect and Sergey
Lazarus, and his mentor Philip Kirkorov, saying that he considers this song
the competition is more like the competition athletes. However, he does not doubt,
our representative will show all their trumps and perfectly
to speak, of the inspection Commission praised the song “Scream” and promised to root for
Lazarev together with Irina Shelest.

Father Ivan Bessonov Aleksey has told, that the son is initially very
surprised that an event of this size send classical pianist,
but talked to him and realized the responsibility.

“About three we already called and confirmed that all
force. He has no Ding or hysteria on this issue”, –
summed up proud of Ivan’s father.

Earlier, a statement about the specifics of the verification of the voting system
the project “Voice. Children” by the Director of Group-IB.