Us researchers have made another sensational speculation about the origin of mankind. According to the new theory, man evolved from reptiles krokodilopodobnyh trample on our planet 400 million years ago . About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Analyzing important
the point of view of the evolution of the factors, the researchers focused on the organs of vision, which allowed
the fish to grow legs and emerge onto land. Some of these early land animals were those
the krokodilopodobnyh reptiles, which originated mankind.

Improved vision
led to the growth of the mammalian brain, what was the cause of the mind of the individual.

It was noted earlier that the ancestors of modern man was a shark.

Prehistoric shark
Acanthodes bronni have many similarities in genetic structure to the modern
man. This species lived on the earth over 30 million years ago. Scientists
found remains of these sharks in the waters of modern Australia and I believe that
it is there we must look for the cradle of life on our planet.