Shigeki Sumi

Friday 10 March 2017


Photo: UNIAN

The Ambassador of Japan in Ukraine Shigeki Sumi believes that peaceful means to achieve peace in countering Russian aggression.

Japan is doing everything possible to resolve the military conflict in Donbas by peaceful means, and therefore supports sanctions against Russia.

This was stated by Ambassador extraordinary and Plenipotentiary of Japan to Ukraine Shigeki Sumi during the official reception on the occasion of the 25th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Japan.

“I believe that peaceful means to achieve peace in countering Russian aggression. That is why Japan has supported sanctions against Russia. And we do our best to peaceful means to resolve the military conflict in the Donbass,” said Shigeki Sumi.

He added that the theme of the world is extremely important to the Japanese and Ukrainians, since Japan and Ukraine suffered heavily during the Second world war . In addition, both countries have experienced such terrible disasters, like Chernobyl and Fukushima. So for peoples who have undergone similar tragedies, it is natural to become shoulder to shoulder and unite their efforts to overcome them.

Japan’s Ambassador assured that ordinary Japanese are very worried about Ukraine. In this context, he said that being in January in Japan, communicated with the taxi driver who shared with him those experiences.

“Knowing how much danger is Ukraine given the threat of Russian intervention, a taxi driver wished you to stay in this situation. So I can say that not only politicians, but ordinary people worry about Ukraine and support it,” said Shigeki Sumi.

During the solemn events of the Japanese manga artists (Japanese version of comics. – Ed.) presented their art and told the story of his appearance, which is also linked to the theme of war and peace. As noted by the artist Noriko Nagano, the manga began to develop after the Second world war, and this art was intended to give inspiration to overcome difficult times. She expressed the hope that the art of manga will be distributed in Ukraine.

In the official reception was attended by members of the government of Ukraine, heads of foreign diplomatic missions, the world-famous Japanese designer Kenzo Takada, the people’s deputies of Ukraine and other distinguished guests.