It turned out that the ex-wife of Hollywood actor found with another man.

About it reports “Russian Dialogue” with reference to news in the foreign media.

In 2016, amber has been seen several times at various events along with billionaire Elon Musk. It is worth Recalling that while the actress was divorced from Depp, and a businessman – and his wife Talulah Riley. Journalists suspected that in the time between the pair have struck up a romantic relationship. However, amber and Elon insisted that they are just friends, and nothing more can not be.

Recently heard again saw at the screening of the documentary film with max. Celebrities appeared at the event together. Fans of the actress think she is now really in love and found happiness.

The amber, however, is that his relationship with businessman no comment .

It is worth noting that Elon is older than his star girlfriend for 15 years, but, apparently, the couple did not hesitate because of this significant difference in age. Moreover, amber is no stranger to living with older men – her former husband since their wedding 51 years.