The preliminary conclusions of the Antimonopoly Committee of Ukraine (AMCU) in respect of the assets of nitric chemistry is built on false data, says Group DF businessman Dmitry Firtash.

“30 Jul AMC without a hearing, without taking into account comments from stakeholders and expert insights announced the preliminary findings of inquiry in respect of Group DF’s enterprises and actually submitted them as final. We consider the published AMC the conclusions are wrong, premature and biased”, – said in a statement released on Wednesday statement of the group.

As emphasized in Group DF, the sale of gas were carried out at the price of his original purchase, its price was 25-50% below recommended NKRAU prices.

“Production of fertilizers in March 2017 has occurred due to the termination of gas supply gas transportation business in March 2017. The formal reason for the stop was the presence of small current debts for transportation,” explains the group.

According to her, received by group companies in 2017 the prepayment in the amount of 1.7 billion UAH were directed to the purchase of raw materials, payment of taxes, payment of energy, as well as the repayment of wage arrears. At the time of termination of gas supply of the enterprise was preparing for a new production cycle.

“As a result of the termination of gas supply was disrupted, plans to produce more than 800 thousand tons of nitrogen fertilizers during the spring season 2017. And this volume was replaced with imports from Russia at high monopoly prices,” – said in the DF Group, while quoting: in the period from January to may of 2017, the group undertook actions to resume production.

Group DF also said that apprepriate 80% owed arrears received in 2016-2017 prepayments.

“Group DF considers the actions of the Committee as an attempt of the administrative redistribution of property and a violation of corporate rights of the group”, – the document says.

As reported, the AMC on 1 August 2019 is scheduled to consider the case on abuse of monopoly position PJSC “Azot”, PJSC “Severodonetsk Association Azot”, PJSC “Rivneazot” and “NF trading Ukraine” on the primary market of realization of mineral fertilizers.

Ex-state Commissioner of the AMCU Agia Zagrebelsky challenging his dismissal in the Supreme court admits the possibility of the forced separation of the assets of nitric chemistry Group DF.

The assets of nitric chemistry Group DF Ostchem consolidates the group, which includes enterprises for the production of nitrogen fertilizers, PJSC “Azot” (Cherkasy), PJSC “Rivneazot” PJSC “Severodonetsk Association Azot” (Lugansk region) and PJSC “Concern Stirol” (Donetsk region, control over the enterprise is lost due to the occupation of part of Donbass).