Athlete from United States Kendra Harrison was able to run a hundred yards with a broken arm and win.

This was reported by her coach Eric Floril, reports “Russian conversation”.

“Kendra has demonstrated strength of character by winning the hundred-meter race in Doha after he broke his arm during the warm-up! Immediately after the race she was sent to the hospital,” he explained.

The sportswoman told that he broke the bone of the forearm during repulsion at the beginning of the race, stressing that I won through their own determination.

The video race is difficult to trace the moment of fracture, but the facial expression of female athletes can be seen that she was hurt during the race.

Earlier it was reported that the U.S. 99-year-old athlete won the 92-year-old opponent during the race.

It was also noted that the athlete from Moscow, died during the race on the “Zimniada-2017” .