American family decided to take a picture for the rainbow halo around the Sun on the coast of Florida. The couple settled on the sun loungers and continued to stare at the bright glare of the Sun, until in a moment have not noticed, a glimpse inside the halo of a bright blue blur. About it reports the edition Rossiiskii Dialog.

Only a week after
viewing the above photo of married couple was able to discern the uniqueness of
own photos. In the first photo there was nothing but Sun
surrounded by a halo, but the second and the third frame is above the solar disk appeared
blue sphere surrounded by a blue aura.

According to eyewitnesses,
none of the earthly objects could not move around the Sun at such a
impressive speed.

Previously a resident of Los Angeles, videotaped a UFO which left behind chemtrail .

As noted by the author himself
video, it was very surprised by the fact that the unknown object left
several traces, not just one like a regular plane.