The Minister of energy of the USA Rick Perry, protecting supplies of American LNG to the EU, said that the supply of Russian gas is not reliable, and threatens the security of the Union.

“I think if you ask our Ukrainian friends, they might be an interesting answer for you. They will tell you that the availability and reliability of Russian gas supplies is not guaranteed,” said the American Minister Thursday at a press conference in Brussels.

He was asked a question about why Europe needs to buy more expensive LNG from the US along Russian gas.

In addition, according to R. Perry, the supply of us gas supports “an independent and free Europe.”

“This is important for the United States. There is no better way to guarantee this freedom and this sovereignty, than energy security. Us LNG is not just another energy source for Europe, but increased security and regional autonomy, economic prosperity,” said Minister of energy of the United States.

“This LNG trade will strengthen the collective resilience of our NATO partners,” – added R. Perry.

In Brussels, on Thursday held a forum of the EU-US high-level energy, devoted to the market of LNG and the export of liquefied natural gas from the United States.