American Professor Harold Honju CoE spoke to the International court of justice from the Ukrainian side, noting that in the Donbass not all are militants, but among the armed groups LDNR there are.

according to “Russian conversation”, American
the scientist said: “I’m not saying that
all those who are fighting in the East, are
terrorists. There is a clear definition
what is terrorism is attacks on

to him, media publications seen
what most of the “illegal armed
groups of” fighting against the Ukrainian
the army, in this case we are not talking about

they remembered the tragedy of MH17,
also the attacks on civilians in
Mariupol, Avdiivka and other towns and
settlements of Donbass. According to
CoE, Russia supplies militia weapons.

he added: “Your honor, if
Russia really does just
this, you will have no problems in
to comply with provisional measures” .
According to American Professor
appropriate measures include
the introduction of an outright ban
providing militia support.

last week, the UN reported that
since the beginning of this year in the Donbass killed at least 20 people and
more than 90 were wounded.