American cargo ship Ocean Freedom, which carries on Board two former patrol boat of the coast guard of the USA for the Ukrainian Navy, on Sunday I went to the Black sea, reported the Istanbul information portals, publishing pictures of the ship passing through the Bosphorus.

It is expected that on Monday, us cargo ship arrives at the port of Odessa.

On the upper deck of the ship posted decommissioned patrol ships of the coast guard of the USA and Drummond Cushin built in 80-ies of the last century, renamed “Slavic” ” (P191) and “Starobilsk” (clearcoat p190), respectively.

Earlier the Internet-the edition “Ukrainian military portal” reported, citing its own sources, that in the first half of October they were loaded on a freighter in Baltimore. Shipping this way in Ukraine is the most economically feasible and is practiced not for the first time: earlier boats of this type are also delivered from USA to Georgia and Pakistan.

As reported, on 27 September 2018 at the naval base in Baltimore (Maryland, USA) in the presence of the fifth President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko and Vice-Admiral of the U.S. Coast guard Michael McAllister, a solemn ceremony of handing over two boats of the class “Island” (“island”) of the naval forces of Armed forces of Ukraine.

Memorandum on the transfer of Ukraine patrol boats USCGC Cushing (WPB-1321) and USCGC Drummond (WPB-1323) was signed by the commander of the Navy APU Admiral Igor Voronchenko and Vice Admiral of the U.S. Coast guard McAllister.

Cushing and Drummond after the withdrawal from the U.S. Coast guard in 2017 were in caretaker status. Recent dock repair Cushing took place in 2014, and Drummond in 2012. Drummond has also previously been upgraded under the program “MAYOR”, during which in addition to the General repairs (dock repair, maintenance of devices, mechanisms and systems) were updated a number of key nodes and replaced by the more modern key system boats.

After the transfer of the patrol boats of the Ukrainian APU they got the names and numbers Board – “Slavic” (P191) and “Starobilsk” (clearcoat p190).

The preparation of Ukrainian crews of these boats at first were held in Ukraine, then 32 sailor was sent to the United States to attend the ten-week training course at the Maritime Institute of technology and graduate studies (MITAGS) Linthicum city (USA). September 15, their training ended.

Boats of class “Island” in its basic configuration, have a displacement of 168 tons, length– 34 m, width – 6,4 m with a speed of up to 29.5 knots. Team regulations consists of 16 people, including two officers. Of weapons the boat has a 25 mm gun and two machine guns. Boats equipped with radar generic detection AN/SPS-73 and 5.4 m inspection boat “Zodiak Hurricane 540”.

According to the coast guard of the United States, the total cost of the boats, as well as modernizing and training the Ukrainian military seamen amounted to about $10 million.