Before on-site training center of the University village black detonated an unknown munition. According to the head of the Academy major General Oleg Playboy, the students found pieces of unexploded ordnance, and carried him to the road for disposal, reports Russian Dialogue, with reference to the “Duma”.

“Ammunition is not on the Armed forces of Ukraine (according to the publication, it was a grenade launcher shot made in the USA, remaining after any exercise). They took it from the line closer to the road for disposal. Just started to move away, the object exploded,” says Revelers.

The cadets received minor shrapnel wounds. Victims may soon resume the educational process.

The RRG and the military Prosecutor’s office will check on this fact.

Earlier, residents of Kharkiv region reported the incident, which could have disastrous consequences for the lives and health of people who live nearby military facility.

And in Russia, at the site near Severodvinsk in the blast, five people died, three were hospitalized with injuries. Later, the names of victims of the emergency.