The leader of the French party “national front” marine Le Pen, which the media dubbed the “Pro-Russian candidate” in the presidential election in the country, gave an unexpected answer to a tricky question of the journalist.

Local broadcast TV station, Le Pen asked the question of whether France “to adapt to the line of Russia” in case of its coming to power. The politician said a hard “no”, reports “Russian conversation”.

“In any case. When I’m elected, France will again become a great power that provides balance. She again will bear its own global vision, and not be narrowed to the limits of the European Union, as is happening now,” said the candidate for the presidency .

Recall that MS Le Pen visited Moscow. Speaking before the Russian Parliament, she called for the lifting of sanctions against Russia — in any case, “black lists” .

As previously reported, “Russian conversation”, Le Pen smashed to smithereens the candidates who intend to return to the greatness of France and to combating international terrorism, refusing dialogue with the Russian Federation. The only known condition under which Le Pen refuses the post of President of France.