At the presentation within Korneychukovsky festival of children’s literature writer Dmitry Kuzmenko held an interactive master class with riddles, logic problems, mathematical experiments and gifts for the children and their parents. The contests were developed based on his new book #Statemachine, which will be released this fall by the publishing house “Tempora” in the charity project Likebox.

Kuzmenko known to children as Kuzko Kuzyakin. It was under this pseudonym, he has twice become a laureate of Korneychukovsky award – most popular competition of authors of children’s literature in Ukraine.

The writer believes that his new work will be interesting not only for children but also for adults. #Statemachine is a lively approach to science, which will help to understand the philosophy of the discipline and its importance in everyday life.

“This book is very simple. She takes the facts from different angles . In schools, math is often reduced to the mechanical action of objects, but the world of mathematics is much broader. Mathematics is open. When the child solves the task, even the one that was already solved a thousand times before, he makes a small discovery. And in this discovery the essence of mathematics”, – says Dmitry Kuzmenko.

Children who came to the presentation, eagerly plunged into the mathematical world and excitedly tried to give the correct answers to the tasks, to win in a graphics battle and personally check the work of “möbius strip”. The most active children received the gift of another book Kuzmenko “White blackest little black book” with illustrations by the author and signed by the author.

“I solved the puzzle, why one person will be a lot of snow, and the other less. I had, however, to think carefully. In General, I like to read adventure books about Tom Sawyer, Robinson Crusoe, and of popular science about the Earth,” says 10-year-old Vlad, one of the winners of the contest.

And soon presents will be waiting for readers in social networks, which will soon start math adventure with quests based on the books of the educational project Likebox #Statemachine.

Charity project based Likebox BF “I Future of Ukraine” and IT’s the Lucky Labs for the publication and free distribution of Ukrainian-language popular science books.