The world Cup is a celebration of sports a celebration of life! Football fans actively attend matches, support your favorite teams are having a great time in sportbeach and on the streets. Inspired by fans walking in Moscow, singing songs, chants, dance and make new friends. In addition to this kind of entertainment to football lovers have the opportunity to visit cultural events, exhibitions dedicated to the championship. “MK” was visited by the most unusual of them.

“The ball is round, the pitch is flat”

The exhibition “the Ball is round, the pitch is flat” is dedicated to the history of domestic football. Rare photographs, historical summaries, championship trophies, verses – this and much more are on display. The most popular exhibit among visitors is the table football . “Do not restrain emotions! We always here this beeping is! Especially when girls play,” says one of the employees of the exhibition.

Another interesting exhibit was presented in the “Hall of Fame”. This “Dream Team” of the best players in domestic football over the years. This unique exhibit is the fact that with headphones you can hear audio recordings of important parts of the lives of these players, and on screens to see the raw video footage. In addition to the history of domestic football in the exhibition have the opportunity to see photos and cartoons on the theme of Russian football of today.

The architecture of the stadiums

The next exhibition, which opens new football theme, prepared by the Museum of architecture. Shchusev. Despite the fact that it was open for about a month, the interest is not lost, but rather in connection with the world Cup, only increasing. Many foreign guests wanted to get acquainted with the history of architecture of the Russian sports arenas, to review the drawings and layouts of the legendary stadiums of our country such as Moscow “Dynamo”, the ensemble “Luzhniki”, as well as sports facilities built for the current world Cup.

– Why is the legendary stadiums? They are legendary, because the spirit that reigns within, possible thanks to the architecture. The architecture creates the space in which possible emotion and life, – says the researcher of the Museum of architecture mark Hakobyan.

“MK” has found out which items among visitors are the most popular. Many tourists like I had to chronicle the Olympic games of 1908, where they demonstrated what was the beginning of modern sport. Sports town in the territory of the “Luzhniki” – a student project of Mikhail Korzhev was also interested in some viewers of the exhibition because it is important for understanding schools of the avant-garde. But the most popular was the hall “Luzhniki”, which first presented the evolution of the stadium – from the first draft Vlasov 1934 before the last renovation to the football world Cup in Russia.

The exhibition presents projects and other sports facilities built for the home world Cup, seven of the most modern stadiums in the country. “MK” has learned how the selection was conducted on these exhibits.

– We could not physically view all. The most important thing for us is to demonstrate the diversity of approaches. Our task was to convey the architectural idea. Yes, these arenas will host the matches of the world Cup, but for me, as a researcher, as the narrator of the story, it is important to show that it is relevant in architecture, what ideas are implemented, says mark Hakobyan. – Football stadiums today are trendsetters, they are the conductors of modern technologies in the construction industry of any country.. This is what moves forward the technology in any country where they appear, and therefore we, in Ukraine, in Poland, in Turkey and in China it is sport architecture has become an element of the representation of the country’s entry into the circle of developed countries in the XXI century. This is a very important role is played by sports architecture.

Exhibition “Architecture of the stadiums” has been in the works for years. “This year, a year without a vacation, a year without anything, but I’m proud!” – shared emotions Hakobyan.

Who invented football?

The Darwin Museum is hosting an exhibition which presents the long history of the origin of the “foot ball”, and shows the game animals similar to human. Installation of the exhibition made in green and white tones, reminiscent of a football field. In the middle of the hall – an arrangement in the form of a soccer ball and mascot of the world Championships in different years.

Charms us at the exhibition need to bond the two, however, commented Elena Sudarikova, the author of this exhibition. The first is ethology games, where games in the nature come from, and the second is football, as one of the game examples in humans, as it follows from all the previous history of the animal world. Talisman is largely bonding element. I wonder what mascots animals fall into two parts: there are predators and animals typical of these places. For example, the Armadillo – the mascot last season. Predators are fast, agile and strong, unlike other animals, therefore it is not always the amulet shows strong characteristics of the players.

“MK” asked why, in the opinion of the author of this exhibition, the wolf of Zabijaka won the competition for the mascot of the world Cup in our country.

– Zabivka causes a lot of pleasant emotions, but as a biologist I don’t have any hypotheses. On the other hand, wolves ‘team game’, cooperative hunting that expresses the idea of unity and strong spirit.

Among the exhibits the greatest children’s attention is also attracted to foosball. Another popular exhibit this exhibition was a little elephant who, in the opinion of Elena Sudarikova always gives people a great impression.