The Mayor Of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin

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MOSCOW, September 27. /TASS/. A large new Park with outdoor stage, café, children’s and sports grounds, as well as free Wi-Fi will open in the Moscow district of South Butovo in August 2018. About this said on Wednesday the mayor Sergei Sobyanin.

“We conduct a comprehensive improvement of the entire Park is over 140 acres, a huge area, almost half of Gorky Park. So Butovo will be your Gorky Park”, – said Sobyanin, speaking with local residents during an inspection of the landscaping of the Park.

The mayor reminded that the project of reconstruction is discussed with residents and members of the district. “[Concept] involves a calm, quiet areas, and areas for sports and playgrounds for children, good illumination, safety, the possibility of holding cultural programmes as a whole, it will be one of the best parks of Moscow . Residents of Butovo no longer have to travel to another Park, everything is here”, – said Sobyanin.

He added that the improvement will hold in two phases, in 2017, will perform works on clearing of territory of the future Park and the construction of necessary engineering communications, and in 2018 will begin the creation of Park infrastructure. As explained by the mayor, all work will be completed by August 1, 2018. Improvement project, approved by the government of Moscow, provides for the creation of summer stage, children’s cafes and playgrounds. The Park will have more trees in order to bring all rivers and ponds.

The main points of attraction in the new Park will be six summer stage: “Green theatre” with 300 seats, Summer theater, 100 seats, Amphitheatre with 170 seats, stage, a children’s “Green theatre”, the stage of the summer theatre in “Children’s Park” and the dance floor. Locals can enjoy 50 Park pavilions, which will house a café and themed clubs and venues for dance.

The gazebo on the tree and swing like at the arc

The main feature of the new Park will be spread over the pergola (covered with greenery of an arbor or a corridor of light bars on arches or pillars – approx TASS.) and gazebos protecting the Park from rain and sun. Under one of the pergolas will install the swing – the same as on triumph square in Central Moscow. Gazebos will be placed on the tree – the wooden planking at a height of several meters above the ground, up to which will be attached ladder.

The new Park will have several Seating areas near the water with a pontoon wooden piers and ramps-transitions. For the ducks on the ponds will establish houses for the pigeons build a pigeon house. The improvement in the Butovo Park will accommodate children’s playgrounds, areas for workout areas, picnic sites, Hiking and Bicycle paths, kiosks, benches, trash cans, toilets, stands navigational and surveillance cameras. Visitors will also open up the sports equipment rental.

Areas of maximum attraction of visitors will install ten points free Wi-Fi access with a range of 200 meters.