Russian figure skater Evgeny Medvedev

(Photo: globallookpress)

Experts of the company Gracenote engaged in the analysis in the field of entertainment and sports, has published the final version of the “virtual catwalk Pyeongchang” — forecast of the medal standings of the games in South Korea. In their opinion, the most gold medals will win the German athletes (14), Norway wins in 13 disciplines, USA — 11. Russian athletes, who will act in the status of “Olympic athlete from Russia” (OAR), from the point of view of Gracenote, you can count on two gold medals.

Grancenote analysis is based on the latest results of the largest global and national competitions in all represented at the Olympics disciplines . Gracenote is owned research company Nielsen. The study authors noted that were taken into account in the forecast all the performances of the Russian athletes, invited the IOC to participate in the Olympics in Pyeongchang.

According to analysts Grancenote, the best chance to win in Pyeongchang from all Russian participants of the competition — 18-year-old figure skater Evgenia Medvedeva. In recent years she has won two world Championships, two European Championships, two Grand Prix finals. In December 2017 Medvedev because of an ankle injury missed the Grand Prix final in Nagoya and the championship of Russia in St. Petersburg. In January 2018 at the European Championships in Moscow she won the silver medal, behind his 15-year-old compatriot Aline Sagitova.