Angry Anna Kostenko expressed his outrage at the fact that her accused of holding a “hot” photo shoot.

the known football player Dmitry Tarasov Anastasia Kostenko very much
reacted to the news of her allegedly “naked” photoshoot, in which she
participated, according to “Russian conversation”.

beloved Tarasova is very fast and responds to stories that
appear online about it. This time the journalists were injured, which were
to publish on their Internet portals, the news of her “naked”
photo shoot. She decided to release all his anger on the reporters attacked “Instastore”
the social network “Instagram”.

Judging by
the fact that Anastasia even mentioned article of the Criminal code of the Russian
Federation, a popular gloss, especially offended Kostenko will be hell to pay
for as much outright slander in its address . It is possible that such a reaction to beloved
Tarasov brought the headline, which mentioned the name of ex-wife, her boyfriend of Olga Buzova.

edition, posted false news, according to Anastasia, it became
the likeness of the yellow press, which exposes unverified information. In order
to protect themselves, which was charged in a candid photo shoot, photographer
called a specialist in “Nude”, the girl provided the footage
backstage, where everyone can see that the survey was conducted in a dress
you can and should call very decent.