Anastasia helped a young family that was on the verge of poverty. The pair has already lived a year at the ballerina and works as a staff.

A year ago, Anastasia met a young family from Tajikistan. The husband and wife came to Moscow to find work, but their attempts were not crowned with success. Not enough money, and the woman got pregnant. The family was on the verge of poverty. Dancer accidentally learned of this, he sheltered them in his home, according to “Russian conversation”.

The couple lived in the house for staff. When a woman gave birth to a child, Anastasia congratulated the couple and made a lot of gifts. Now the young family lives there, and works in the mansion of Anastasia. Rustam and Lolita doing housework: female – mostly in the mansion, and the man is on site.

By the way, Volochkova is very fond of his subordinates and often marks them for the holidays . Recently she, along with her housekeeper Raisa celebrated her birthday.

Recall that the dancer is experiencing financial difficulties due to her ex-husband Igor Vdovin. The man lent her a large sum of money and still not returned.