The actress surprised the fans with a changed appearance.

About it reports “Russian conversation”.

Recently, Anastasia arrived at the event dedicated to the Day of protection of children. A charity concert was called “rainbow”, and the celebrity was its leading. Zavorotnyuk in his official profile on Instagram has posted several photos from the event, including with his participation.

According to the actress, the adults responsible for future of children and to fill the lives of the descendants of light, happiness, joy and harmony. Anastasia believes that childhood should be full and relaxing.

However, fans of the actress more excited not to post, and her appearance. According to some users of the social network, face Zavorotnyuk has changed. Part of followers have suggested that the actress had too much plastic surgery, and others decided that the actress has resorted to the use of special filters . Anyway, under the celebrity had left a lot of critical comments.