Carlo Ancelotti


Main, Bayern coach Carlo Ancelotti sang the song in Italian during the celebration of the world title in Munich.

“Bavaria” together with the fans celebrated their 27th championship title. 2.5 hours after receiving the Salad bowls on “Allianz-Arena” for Champions Germany went out on the balcony of the Munich town hall to share the occasion with thousands of fans arrived at the Marienplatz.

Sehr geehrte Damen und Herren: @MrAncelotti!#Mia5anMia

— FC Bayern München (@FCBayern) on 20 may 2017.

Finishing his playing career captain Bayern Philipp Lahm thanked fans, coaches, staff and teammates: “Only thanks to you I was able to achieve all this. Thank you for everything! Thank you to everyone who supported me on my life path. You all will forever remain in my heart.”

Weus’d a hast wia a Bergwerk, @philipplahm. #DankePhilipp #Mia5anMia pic.twitter .com/INWmY3Grd8

— FC Bayern München (@FCBayern) on 20 may 2017.

In response, Lam heard the cheers of the fans, who after a brief introduction, Thomas Mueller (“We’re prepared”) sing your favorite song Lama “Weusd a Herz hast wia a Bergwerk” (Reinhard Fendrich).

“Together we want to conquer many more titles, said in his short speech the head coach “Bavaria” Carlo Ancelotti. — We are the Champions Germany!”

As Bayern said goodbye to their veterans (Photos)

At the end of his speech, he took the microphone and sang in Italian: “I migliori anni della nostra vita (the Best years of our lives” Renato zero).