The rescue of drowning citizens of the work of you know who.

If we draw Parallels between the fantasy of George R. R. Martin’s “Game of thrones” and the global realities of the XXI century, it is safe to say, Martin was absolutely right. Everything is progressing just exactly according to the described scenario. Remember the season where the game suddenly thrust into gold holders? Now put gold instead of oil and you will see how everything fits. As the great powers fight among themselves, with the support of the oil-producing States. And who in the supply of more oil, who can simultaneously play at a rise and a fall in oil prices, that in the hands of real power… And at the end of the battle with the evils of the world, the epidemic is depriving a person of his appearance. Is it just what the fantasy space in which we now are with you?

You can, of course, to raise the question so: the invasion of the invisible contagion has become a real challenge not only for physicians, for who and all who have taken the Hippocratic oath, but for the authorities, the eternal fighters of the ideological front and other “servants of the people”. How much they are willing to accept the challenge and to follow the generally accepted norms of morality? However, the problem of those whom king David called “rulers and judges”, consists in the fact that they these capital truths are neglected, considering that not Royal case.

The current pandemic (though for some, it is still the “so called”) have exposed the strengths and weaknesses of the social reality in which we all exist. Seems obvious and not questioning the axiom: human life is priceless, “the whole world is not worth the tears of a child”, etc. Doctors and nurses trying to do their best to neutralize the effects of a dangerous virus. Thousands of people become volunteers, ready to sew masks to hand out food to lonely elderly, etc. In such a situation to say what awaits us in the case of mass unemployment, a succession of bankruptcies, shortages of goods, rising crime, it seems somehow indecent. Like, there’s people dying and you all about money…

But alas. They are the best, copper, paper, plastic, even virtual – integral space, which we call Genesis. And it (right were Marxists hell) is still largely determines our consciousness. As cynical as it may sound. Because after sitting in isolation without work for a month or two, proev all the money and supplies, badly seated physical and mental health, our quiet, “amarkony” Belarusian seems to be really Mature to drink something hot but to ride on the tractor. If diesel fuel still remain. In short, the prospects “postoronnih” syndrome is very vague, not to say gloomy.

And what about power? As they prepare for a new wave of crisis? It seems that as usual in terms of our “unique model” – a series of magical acts, which, apparently, should raise people’s spirit, to add to the citizens of fortitude and faith in a brighter future. In Minsk are preparing the podium for the parade in honor of May 9. The leadership of the country, contrary to the opinion of the Church, calls the Orthodox people come to Church on Easter. Oh, and of course, “sacred” thing – Saturday. As without it? Even under the threat of the epidemic is impossible to abandon the annual ritual. It seems that there is no hint of an attempt to change the scenario of this action given the current situation. For example, to direct the energy of those volunteers for fabrication of masks or other things to try. Although physicians would be most useful, perhaps, to the rest of the population did not go to work not only on the 25th, but the 29th and 30th of April – then a nine-day vacation would somehow help in the impending peak incidence.

However, the social consequences of the pandemic not only do we look much more scale than the pandemic. Panic and strict quarantine measures are driving the world economy into recession. Heighten the panic is largely due to the very nature of Western societies, accustomed to steady, predictable and safe existence. Western people are scared shaft of contradictory and unverifiable information, and he has a natural desire to “safe”. For its part, the government dependent on public opinion, are forced to respond to these panicky inquiries and impose strict quarantine measures. As a consequence, economic activity stops, your business loses profits, jobs are being cut.

Obviously now in the world there are two approaches regarding the pandemic. One conventionally “left-liberal”: to help everyone, to save everyone, no matter what it takes. Second – figuratively smacks of “social Darwinism”, with an emphasis on natural selection. The first approach is somewhat idealistic, the second is pragmatic. If you win the latter, I’m afraid, predictions about the imminent advent of the “era of mercy” so forecasts will remain. In Belarus, as always, a special way: the virus seems to be there, but he’s not so terrible. The rescue of drowning citizens of the work of you know who, and the money will continue to spend on all sorts of ideological games and support for chronically unprofitable state-owned enterprises. The fact that the economic immunity of the country are not they, and the people, for the government, it seems, is not obvious.

However, futureguy today echoed by Donald Trump and predicting that casualties from fighting the coronavirus may be longer than the coronavirus. Like it or not, soon find out. In any case, all of us expect great changes. In the economy (apparently, while obviously not the best), and public perception. Here, I think, a pandemic if not eliminate, then at least for some time moves towards the philosophy of self-centeredness and aggressive narcissism. Because the situation when there is a question of saving lives, as a rule, pushes these phenomena into the background. On the other hand, will demand qualities such as solidarity, compassion, a sense of community in the coping process? I would like to believe. Although the experience of past epidemics and the great crises, alas, suggests otherwise. You know, I really liked seems to be purely medical, but is actually very deep in meaning the statement of the famous Ukrainian doctor Yevhen Komarovsky: “If you get sick, you will not repeat the fate of Christ is the resurrection and you have not… Save yourself for those who you roads. Take care of those who are dear to you. The Lord will hear you, wherever you were.”

And yet, I would like to add: wash your hands. Only in the literal sense. Not that it did one very prominent official of the Roman Empire.

B. Pavlovsky, “The Evening Brest”