The Muzhdabaev
Photo: RFE/RL

Petro Poroshenko, the main work is done.

I have many times over the years passed that Poroshenko doesn’t love me, but I didn’t care, I never thought about it, do not find out the specific reasons. For me the main thing — the principles, not the person.

I have much more I scolded him, much less praised, when he was doing the right, good for the country. I had not campaigned, it’s a lie that journalism is strictly prohibited, as the Hippocratic oath forbids certain things to the doctors. But if I was not a journalist and did it, you would do it sincerely. Not for money and not out of fear. Not reptiles and are not educated to care about the person after.

And to be honest now to say that Poroshenko has to write himself into the history of Ukraine, and not to black out from there already does. Though usrites those, who accuses him already. Who will you be next? And let me guess? Zelensky! Because it is you, not them.

Their achievements and their mistakes Poroshenko made myself. He is a person. Controversial, unpleasant, whatever it is. But the identity. Whether you like it or not, your children and grandchildren will read about him in textbooks. For all his personal shortcomings and public mistakes, with the current defeat, which he accepted with dignity, unlike you.

The ticket you bought him)) What is poshlost. A word that even Nabokov could not translate into English. Because it is a sign of internal slavery, scoop. And this is your diagnosis, your personal shame. The grace and dignity even to an enemy makes the man, not the screams in the back as he seems prone to. Finely you look shallow and stupid. Make sure that in the future they had to hide the eyes on his grey turtle from their descendants.

What would Poroshenko, no matter what he has, by and large, nothing will happen. It is its main job done. Good or bad – as I could. And what did you, heroes midst a Facebook feed? Wipe it in front of everyone and think it is now necessary/possible?

I respect those who criticized Poroshenko always, specifically in the person on the case, even extremely tough. But such will not waste your time barking and spitting. Back Poroshenko, I think it will endure, a textbook of history will not celebrate. It doesn’t care about history, in which step the small people: they are usually nothing good to do for others. Proud that there are none among my friends, and I know that will never happen.

The Muzhdabaev, Facebook