Andrew Jurinac

Interview with handball, which is called new Alexander Karshakevich.

The “Pressball” and MTS continues Andrew Jurinac, left winger champion Brest BGK and the national team Belardi. Young life of the Belarusian handball attack the gates of the enemy with about the same efficiency as his illustrious partner in this position, the legendary Alexander Karshakevich, twice rising on an Olympic podium. Dreams about the Games and our hero…

— The best young left winger in the world in 2018, according to a poll of the portal

— The repeated champion and the owner of the Cup of Belarus in the part of the Brest BGK

— Player of the national team of Belarus

You started out in the line, where I argued for a place with Artem Wren.

– I was 15 years old, I guess, was when the tournament in Astrakhan, broke our extreme and Nikolay Vladimirovich Zhuk decided to detach its place me. The debut was successful, abandoned, it seems, two out of two. To play in this position I liked and since I didn’t cheat on her.

But above all, your height — 196 cm — can play almost any position. Especially as a point guard or rides again is always worth more than the extreme.

– That’s understandable. But I never put in their place, said, “come on, try!” On the corner looks pretty good. Yuri Shevtsov gave me a shot and know that I can even score from an acute angle. It is good in cases when in-game plugging. “Playing on Urine” — stresses me and I score.

– Shevtsov in his time he often was part of the line.

– I also have the inputs under Silovich, for example, but to get a full second line… Artem had been detached from me in this ability and plays 10 times better in this position. As for point guard, they need to make decisions in a split second and I might, in this respect, not very good. I know myself, may have doubts — whether to go, whether linear drop, maybe better to go in at Welterweight… And a point guard should be denied the slightest hesitation, decided all.

– Old school saying previously least played a very different role. Themselves beat the opponent, not left in the zero angle in anticipation of the conclusion on the throw.

– Previously, there was another handball, people were making a simple tie, and the player received the strategic scope for the attack. Now more and more difficult, the pace of the game has grown a lot. You can spend a similar parallel with gymnastics. Watching old highlights — man came out, did the rise of the coup, then flip in prizes.

– Andrey Jurinac kind of leader?

– No. For example, in the national team this place is Artem Wren. He said in the locker room, if that. Artem is such a life, always tried to your goal in the most direct way. Went to the gym, worked extra, then went abroad, there also is on the rise.

– There are goalkeepers who can you hypnotize?

– There are none. It happens, only that the game will not go. Here take the last qualifying match against the Czechs, who played in Minsk. Played in fact, not bad, but the last shot was obliged to implement. The situation was not the best, but if we had scored then the game could go in a completely different scenario. And the goalkeeper got in the head…

If I’m to throw, there is no doubt where to throw?

Doubts appear only when in the zone are two people and need to land it so no one can break. In this case, it is necessary to jump straight at the Keeper, but it is not very convenient. Triggered the human factor, what it’s like to fall on the body from a height of two meters? It is clear that the sport we have male and anything can happen, but specifically to maim one else will. But what about the rest… let’s say, Ivan Brovko loves to twist — his little hand and it would be hard to throw into the far corner. I have a long lever, in most cases the goalkeeper will not get to, but if you did manage, it is necessary to have time to move the ball in the middle. There are goalies that are playing with you, show you what goes in one corner, and at the last moment put up a hand or a foot. These are the most difficult.

– Who is the most difficult of our own?

– For me it’s Ivan Matskevich. When he catches the courage, it is hard to break.

– The team and the team you had to work with several high-class coaches.

– Every coach needs its own approach. Bebeshko demanded precise execution of all its instructions — as the representative of the Soviet school. Kadenas another, it is more soft…

Liked to climb in soul?

– No, just another handball. I don’t like unnecessary conversations. My job is to throw balls. In this respect, work well with Shevtsov. Scored — well, not scored — gave a couple of recommendations. And that’s all. He asks what, why and how in your house. I like it, because handball is it here and now. You could say I’m such a fanatic of the game.

– Do you think you have reached their ceiling in Brest?

– I think not.

But you all did not manage to overcome the barrier of the 1/8 finals of the Champions League. If enchanted strap.

– What can I say, it turns out, each of us is to blame. In fact, it gives incentive to train even more diligently next year to move on, because it will be a new page in the history of the club. I would, of course, leave his mark.

– What gave you this season?

– Better play on the interception. The Spanish system means that we aim to force the enemy to make a mistake in attack. Now feel better where you can catch the opponents. It is actually great when the team are representing many different handball schools, you learn a lot. This, of course, expands your Arsenal.

– In which League you would like to play after BGK will win the Champions League.

– France, Germany. Maybe Spain. I would say — she impressed me most was how country.

– Barcelona, a normal variant. It is possible also for the famous football club to be sick at the same time.

– No, I’m not interested in football. Don’t see how it can be 90 minutes to sit in front of the TV, players run back and forth, and the score is still 0:0. A half hour of time lost for nothing. In handball, otherwise a goal every minute and I think it’s a sight far more interesting. Volleyball, basketball — the same story. Here I would love to see.

– For anyone else from the athletes of the following?

– Really like Floyd Mayweather. The last fight with McGregor, it was more like the show, but still, the whole world watched what would happen. People have left their mark in the sport.

Belarusians — Dasha Domracheva. Katya Galkina. She is in my class and I try to watch the tournaments in which it participates. Rhythmic gymnastics is actually a unique sport, people for 8 hours a day training, where still such will find?

Now Katya together with her friends working hard to prepare for Tokyo 2020. The pre-Olympic year…

– I have Olympic gold too, refused. To win this title in only their boys, still in school, it would be very cool.

But it’s incredibly difficult.

I know. But it is a dream worth living.