The star of the 90s, Andrey Gubin experiencing health problems. The artist was diagnosed with a disease of the nervous system.

42-year-old singer Andrei Gubin rarely appears in public. Only recently, the actor spoke about his life in the broadcast of “Oh mom”, which airs on the TV channel “Mir” reports “Russian conversation”.

It turned out that the singer has serious health problems. The actor suffers from panic attacks: he always seems that he’s being followed by fans. To escape attention, Gubin lot.

Also, he had more serious symptoms. The artist “floats” half of the face, on the neck there is a strange band. Gubin fears for their health. “I can’t feel half my body… my lips are blue, the whole body falls apart,” said the artist. However, doctors say that Gubina no particular health problems .

Earlier it was reported that Andrey Gubin ended his career in show business due to diseases of the nervous system.

Fans were shocked to see the changed idol of the 90s. Many expressed concern and said that the singer is a mental problem.