Andrey Kureychik

Famous Belarusian writer, Director and producer commented on the inauguration Zelensky.

Famous Belarusian writer, Director and producer Andrey kureychik in Ukraine have recorded a video about Vladimir Zelensky. He liked his inauguration and speech of the Ukrainian President he calls a brilliant, reports

Kureichik says “global mental difference” between the Ukrainian politics, social life and what is happening in Belarus and Russia.

“For me as a Belarusian… it’s a breath of fresh air,” says the Director. He saw the popularity of the President and “incredible hope” that Ukrainians associate with him. “And such a rating in the former Soviet Union there is no one else,” — emphasizes the author of the video.

“I enjoy local realities and sincerely wish Zelensky further victories. I think these changes will come sooner or later and in Belarus”, — said Andrey kureychik.