Leading in detail told about how his colleague tried to fight with the harmful addiction.

About it reports “Russian conversation” with a link to the publication Starhit.

Recently it became clear that for a long time, Dana is suffering from drug addiction. Andrew admitted that he was aware of the problems colleagues, but did not talk about it. Borisov insisted that she could handle, and she believed her. However, now the situation is out of control, and friends decided to help the leading.

According to the entertainer, a few years ago, Dana told me not to talk about their problems and cry that her mother is actually watering it with dirt. Now the relative leading begged for help, as I realized that Borisov did not in forces to struggle with addiction.

Malakhov says that he and other friends did everything possible that a celebrity could go to rehab and deal with his addiction . Andrew hopes that soon his colleague will be able to completely get rid of narcotic dependence. She Borisov knows he has to do it at least for the sake of their beautiful daughter, Polina.