Photo: Andromeda swallowed the nearest galaxy

She swallowed the galaxy, comparable in size to the Milky Way. It happened about two billion years ago.

A group of American astronomers found that about two billion years ago Andromeda swallowed the galaxy M32. The conclusions of the experts based on the results of the study traces galaxies which are present in the form of star clusters. This writes

Describing the galaxy M32 scientist Eric bell stressed that it is one of the most compact galaxies among the known to science.

“She looks like an old, compact galaxy, but there are a lot of young stars. This is one of the most compact galaxies in the Universe, nothing like it just there,” he said.

The size of the galaxy was comparable to the Milky Way. It is likely that our galaxy have met the same fate, but five billion years.

Scientists said that the collision with the Andromeda galaxy will provoke the formation of supergiant galaxies .

Earlier it was reported that astronomers found the largest object in the Universe, which he called “the great wall”.

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